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Version History

iCab 3.0b280
InScript Release 171
ScriptEngineMajorVersion 3
ScriptEngineMinorVersion 20
  • HTMLDocument: createElement, createTextNode
  • Node.appendChild
  • window.toSource
  • navigator.userLanguage now returns the user's preferred language for web documents
  • MSIE-DOM (especially all collections) can be deactivated
  • reserved key words are accepted as identifiers, but a warning is issued in this case
  • calling a regular expression with /re/("args") triggers /re/.exec("args")
iCab Pre 2.9.8
iCab Pre 2.9.7
InScript Release 165
ScriptEngineMajorVersion 3
ScriptEngineMinorVersion 19
  • arguments.caller
  • functionName.caller
  • toString/toSource return the function name for host functions, too
iCab Pre 2.9.6
InScript Release 164
ScriptEngineMajorVersion 3
ScriptEngineMinorVersion 18
  • SpiderMonkey/Mozilla catch guards ("catch (identifier if expression) { }")
  • CSS properties can be assigned null instead of an empty string
iCab Pre 2.9.5
iCab Pre 2.9.1
iCab Pre 2.9
InScript Release 162
ScriptEngineMajorVersion 3
ScriptEngineMinorVersion 17
  • all DOM interfaces (e.g. HTMLDivElement) now have a global constructor object and a corresponding prototype
  • Embed is called HTMLEmbedElement now
  • speed an memory optimizations
iCab Pre 2.8.2
InScript Release 157
ScriptEngineMajorVersion 3
ScriptEngineMinorVersion 16
  • new objects: ActiveXObject, Attr, CharacterData, Comment, Document, DocumentFragment, Element, NamedNodeMap, NodeList, Text
  • Node: attributes, childNodes, cloneNode, firstChild, hasAttributes, hasChildNodes, insertBefore, isSupported, lastChild, localName, namespaceURI, nextSibling, nodeName, nodeValue, normalize, parentNode, prefix, previousSibling, removeChild, replaceChild
  • HTMLDocument: createAttributeNS, createAttribute
  • HTMLDOMImplementation: createDocumentType, createHTMLDocument, createDocument
  • HTMLObjectElement: contentWindow, contentDocument
  • HTMLFrameElement: contentWindow
  • HTMLIFrameElement: contentWindow
  • window: frameElement, _content
  • APPLET elements are returned as HTMLAppletElement objects; if JavaConnect is active these objects have access to the Java properties of the applet
  • HTMLObjectElement objects that contain Java applets have access to the Java properties of the applet if JavaConnect is active
  • frames and iframes are returned either as global objects or as HTML(I)FrameElement objects, depending on the query
  • Node and Event are Function objects now, so they can be used on the right side of an instanceof expression
iCab Pre 2.8.1
InScript Release 147
ScriptEngineMajorVersion 3
ScriptEngineMinorVersion 15
  • some more debugging possibilites (available through the URLs "inscript:inspector()" and "inscript:settings()")
iCab Pre 2.8
InScript Release 145
ScriptEngineMajorVersion 3
ScriptEngineMinorVersion 14
  • new objects: Closure, HTMLOptionsCollection
  • HTMLDocument: compatMode, doctype, frames
  • HTMLElement: contains, scrollIntoView
  • HTMLInputElement: complete
  • Event: CAPTURING_PHASE, AT_TARGET, BUBBLING_PHASE, bubbles, cancelable, currentTarget, eventPhase, timeStamp
  • Object: eval, unwatch, watch
  • navigator.plugins.refresh
  • window: atob, btoa, crypto.random, external.AddFavorite, execScript
  • const declarations ("const c = 1;")
  • readyState is now also a property of HTMLAppletElement, HTMLObjectElement, HTMLFrameSetElement, HTMLFrameElement, HTMLIFrameElement, HTMLHRElement, HTMLInputElement, HTMLImageElement, HTMLLinkElement, HTMLScriptElement, HTMLTableElement, HTMLTableSectionElement, HTMLTableRowElement and HTMLTableCellElement
  • operator "in" now also works for HTMLCollection, MimeTypeArray, PluginArray, StyleArray, Style, JavaPackage, JavaArray, JavaClass and JavaObject
  • Date.parse recognizes AM/PM and date formats like [m]m-[d]d-[yy]yy or yyy[y]/[m]m/[d]d
  • Date.toString returns "Invalid Date" instead of "NaN"
  • the Date constructor returns a valid milliseconds value on PPC Macs
  • if, while and do..while issue a warning if you use an assignment (=) instead of a comparison (==)
  • accepts undefined and null values
  • parse errors in global code are reported to onerror
iCab Pre 2.7
InScript Beta 131
ScriptEngineMajorVersion 3
ScriptEngineMinorVersion 13
  • new objects: HTMLLabelElement, HTMLFieldSetElement, HTMLLegendElement, HTMLUListElement, HTMLOListElement, HTMLDListElement, HTMLDirectoryElement, HTMLMenuElement, HTMLLIElement, HTMLBaseFontElement, HTMLFontElement, HTMLModElement, HTMLOptGroupElement, HTMLMapElement, HTMLTextAreaElement, HTMLButtonElement, ExceptionCode, Node
  • HTMLAnchorElement: accessKey, tabIndex, focus, blur
  • HTMLAreaElement: accessKey, tabIndex
  • HTMLFormElement: item, namedItem
  • HTMLInputElement: defaultValue, maxLength, readOnly, src, accept, accessKey, alt, align, indeterminate, size, status, tabIndex, useMap
  • HTMLOptionElement: label
  • HTMLSelectElement: add, item, remove, tabIndex
  • HTMLSelectElement.options: add, remove
  • HTMLTableElement: caption, insertRow, deleteRow, createTHead, deleteTHead, createTFoot, deleteTFoot, createCaption, deleteCaption, rows, tBodies, tFoot, tHead
  • HTMLTableCellElement: cellIndex
  • HTMLTableRowElement: cells, insertCell, deleteCell, rowIndex, sectionRowIndex
  • HTMLTableSectionElement: insertRow, deleteRow, rows
  • mimeTypes: item, namedItem
  • navigator: product, productSub, vendor, vendorSub, oscpu
  • plugins: item, namedItem
iCab Pre 2.6
InScript Beta 125
ScriptEngineMajorVersion 3
ScriptEngineMinorVersion 12
  • new objects: Embed, HTMLAppletElement, HTMLObjectElement, HTMLParamElement, JavaArray, JavaClass, JavaMethod, JavaObject, JavaPackage
  • global: getClass, java, netscape, Packages, sun, valueOf
  • Object, Function: toSource
  • JavaScript-to-Java communication: InScript follows Mozilla's LiveConnect3 proposal; you can read and set variables, call methods and constructors, use operators instanceof, == and === on Java classes and objects; explicit method and constructor specification is supported; Java arrays are not fully functional yet
  • Java-to-JavaScript communication: Java classes JSObject, JSException
  • query of an APPLET element now results in a JavaObject, if Java is active and the applet is loaded
  • event.returnValue is evaluated
iCab Pre 2.5.3
InScript Beta 109
ScriptEngineMajorVersion 3
ScriptEngineMinorVersion 11
  • new objects: HTMLHtmlElement, HTMLHeadElement, HTMLLinkElement, HTMLMetaElement, HTMLBaseElement, HTMLIsIndexElement, HTMLFrameSetElement
  • HTMLCollection: namedItem
  • HTMLDocument: documentElement
  • HTMLPreElement: width
  • HTMLHRElement: noShade
  • HTMLTableElement: align, border, cellPadding, cellSpacing, frame, rules, summary, width
  • HTMLTableCaptionElement: align
  • HTMLTableCellElement: abbr, align, axis, ch, chOff, colSpan, headers, height, noWrap, rowSpan, scope, vAlign, width
  • HTMLTableColElement: align, ch, chOff, span, vAlign, width
  • HTMLTableRowElement: align, ch, chOff, vAlign
  • HTMLTableSectionElement: align, ch, chOff, vAlign
  • eval code is executed in the scope of the frame that defined it (rather than in the caller's frame scope)
  • global proxy-config code is executed
iCab Pre 2.5.2
InScript Beta 103
ScriptEngineMajorVersion 3
ScriptEngineMinorVersion 10
  • ECMA262-3 is implemented completely, ScriptEngineMajorVersion() now returns 3
  • new objects: HTMLTableElement, HTMLTableCaptionElement, HTMLTableCellElement, HTMLTableColElement, HTMLTableRowElement, HTMLTableSectionElement, HTMLTitleElement
  • Number: toFixed, toExponential, toPrecision
  • RegExp: lastParen ("$+"), lastMatch ("$&"), leftContext ("$`"), rightContext ("$'"), input
  • HTMLDocument: elementFromPoint, height, readyState, width
  • HTMLElement: ownerDocument, scrollLeft, scrollTop, scrollWidth, scrollHeight
  • HTMLSelectElement.options.options
  • window: find, innerHeight, innerWidth, outerHeight, outerWidth, pageXOffset, pageYOffset, screenLeft, screenTop, screenX, screenY
  • security model available (based on Netscape's "Same Origin Policy")
  • HTML attribute names can override predefined properties of Element objects.
iCab Pre 2.5.1
InScript Beta 93
ScriptEngineMajorVersion 2
ScriptEngineMinorVersion 9
  • regular expressions are evaluated, i.e. RegExp.exec and RegExp.test are now functional
  • String: match, search
  • String.split and replace adapted to regular expressions
iCab Pre 2.5
InScript Beta 92
ScriptEngineMajorVersion 2
ScriptEngineMinorVersion 9
  • new objects: DOMException, DOMImplementation, HTMLBRElement, HTMLDivElement, HTMLHeadingElement, HTMLHRElement, HTMLParagraphElement, HTMLPreElement, HTMLQuoteElement
  • HTMLBodyElement: aLink, background, bgColor, bgProperties, link, text, vLink
  • HTMLCollection.tags
  • HTMLDocument: classes, contextual, getElementById, getElementsByName, getElementsByTagName, ids, implementation, tags
  • HTMLElement: children, clientHeight, clientLeft, clientTop, clientWidth, currentStyle, getElementsByTagName, isTextEdit, offsetHeight, offsetLeft, offsetParent, offsetTop, offsetWidth, parentTextEdit, style
  • Array: concat, item, pop, push, shift, unshift, slice, splice, toLocaleString
  • Date: toDateString, toTimeString, toLocaleDateString, toLocaleTimeString
  • Event: button, keyCode, keyVal, layerX, layerY, metaKey, offsetX, offsetY, which, x, y
  • Function: apply, call
  • Number: toLocaleString
  • Object: hasOwnProperty, isPrototypeOf, propertyIsEnumerable, toLocaleString
  • String: concat, localeCompare, toLocaleLowerCase, toLocaleUpperCase
  • global: decodeURI, decodeURIComponent, encodeURI, encodeURIComponent
  • wrong closing script comments ("-->" instead of "//-->") are treated like line end comments
  • setTimeout/setInterval support calls of type (fn,ms[,args...])
  • new memory management (GC now uses a generational mark & sweep algorithm)
iCab Pre 2.4
InScript Beta 81
ScriptEngineMajorVersion 2
ScriptEngineMinorVersion 8
  • IFRAMEs can be evaluated through document.iframename
iCab Pre 2.3
InScript Beta 79
ScriptEngineMajorVersion 2
ScriptEngineMinorVersion 7
  • new objects: Event, RegExp
  • HTMLInputElement: click, select
  • nested functions and function expressions
  • HTMLDocument, Window: captureEvents, releaseEvents, routeEvent, handleEvent (still not functional; the latter two can also be found in HTMLElement)
  • regular expressions are currently ignored, but do not terminate the script any more
  • window.onerror
  • window.Event, window.event
  • element event handlers can be defined from script source code
  • event handlers are passed an "event" argument
iCab Pre 2.2
InScript Beta 70
ScriptEngineMajorVersion 2
ScriptEngineMinorVersion 6
  • new objects: Option, Error, EvalError, RangeError, ReferenceError, SyntaxError, TypeError, URIError, HTMLScriptElement
  • HTMLElement: className, dir
  • HTMLFormElement: enctype, acceptCharset
  • HTMLInputElement: disabled
  • HTMLSelectElement: multiple, size und value
  • Document: scripts
  • Global: undefined
  • Window: back, forward, home, print stop
  • Labelled Statements, break label, continue label
  • infinite recursions do stack checking
  • Operators in and instanceof
  • try/catch/finally/throw
  • Runtime errors are thrown as exceptions
iCab Pre 2.1a
InScript Beta 64
ScriptEngineMajorVersion 2
ScriptEngineMinorVersion 5
  • HTMLDocument: activeElement, body
  • HTMLDocument: execCommand, queryCommandEnabled, queryCommandSupported (these functions always return false)
  • Window: toString
iCab Pre 2.1
InScript Beta 63
ScriptEngineMajorVersion 2
ScriptEngineMinorVersion 4
  • new objects: HTMLImageElement, Image
  • HTMLDocument: alinkColor, bgColor, charset, defaultCharset, fgColor, linkColor, parentWindow, vlinkColor
  • Link: toString
  • String.prototype: replace, slice
  • Window: debug
  • Array and object literals
  • switch/case/default
  • Operators === and !==
  • returns a reference to document
iCab Pre 2.0
InScript Beta 55
  • new objects: HTMLAnchorElement, HTMLAreaElement
  • HTMLCollection: item; furthermore, MSIE's function-style access to collections is supported
  • HTMLDocument: domain, getSelection
  • HTMLElement: document, getAttribute, id, innerHTML, innerText, insertAdjacentHTML, insertAdjacentText, lang, outerHTML, outerText, parentElement, removeAttribute, setAttribute, sourceIndex, title
  • HTMLFormElement: action, encoding, method, target
  • HTMLInputElement: form
  • HTMLSelectElement.options.selectedIndex
  • Checkbox- and Radio elements have the properties checked and defaultChecked
  • Function.arity (equals Function.length) and Function.arguments
  • String literals may reach over more than one line if the line break is preceeded by a back slash ("\")
  • String.prototype.substr
  • global functions ScriptEngineMajorVersion and ScriptEngineMinorVersion
iCab Pre 1.9a
InScript Beta 39
  • new objects: HTMLCollection, HTMLDocument, HTMLElement, HTMLFormElement, HTMLInputElement, HTMLOptionElement, HTMLSelectElement
  • Document: anchors, applets, close, embeds, images, links, open, plugins
  • Window: blur, close, focus, open, opener, moveBy, moveTo, navigate, resizeBy, resizeTo, scroll, scrollBy, scrollTo
  • "javascript:"-URLs may return a result string.
  • You can access the characters of a string like an array (with a numerical index).
  • Event handlers are executed in DOM context.
  • do .. while
iCab Pre 1.9
InScript Beta 31
  • First public InScript beta version.

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